Flexible pricing to meet your business needs.

We offer pricing options that fit people and organizations with different data needs. Find a plan that fits your business.

For most businesses

For very small businesses



Ideal for startups, building and testing out new products. Get your API keys and start testing, instantly.
  • 100 free API calls
  • Test in sandbox environment
  • Unlimited test credentials
  • Developer support
  • Widget design customization
  • Real-time Slack notifications

Pay as you go

Ideal for SMEs building at higher growth rate. Pay as you go with no commitments.
  • Everything in Free plan
  • Go live on production environment
  • App conversion insights
  • Project views
  • Manual services
  • Pre-paid wallet


Ideal for companies building at scale and with multiple data needs. Contact us and we’ll help you get setup.
  • Everything in Pay as you go
  • Volume discount (30% - 80%)
  • Account management
  • Direct communications channel
  • Integration consulting


A complete authentication methods designed for scale.

  • Mobile app authentication
  • Internet banking authentication
  • USSD authentication
  • Manual authentication

Additional Products

AccountsConfirm the owner of a bank account using user account numbers
USSDBETAGive your end users access to their USSD account on mobile devices
Complete ViewGet a view of all financial accounts owned by the end user
Payment AuthenticationCollect debit authorization for future payments


Get your customers real-time and historical account balance.

  • Realtime balance
  • Balance refresh
  • Historical balance


Access up to 24 months of transaction history with real-time refreshes for on-demand updates.

  • 3-24 months transaction history
  • Standardized format for all banks
  • Business or personal accounts
  • Refresh at anytime

Additional Products

Refresh TransactionsRefresh on-demand or periodically to pull new transactions
Financial NetworkShows end user network of financial interactions and beneficiaries
Spending PatternsRetrieve a comprehensive record of your customer's spending patterns


Complete a direct and manual KYC check on customers

  • NUBAN verification
  • BVN verification
  • RC/TIN verification
  • BVN photos

Additional Products

Selfie VerificationVerify identity with a selfie to speed up onboarding



Set up bank to bank payments through a flow designed with user experience and security in mind

  • Direct debit
  • Payment links
  • One time and recurring
  • Account garnishment

Additional Products

BulkInitiate multiple debit payments via CSV upload.


Review customer income history and future projections. Works for salaries from registered companies and unstructured income.

  • Salary or unstructured
  • Business revenue
  • Monthly breakdown
  • Income streams

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Okra?

Okra is Africa’s Open Finance API. We help businesses automate certain processes that boost their business operations. We also enable customers to connect their bank accounts directly to applications and services they require using their internet or mobile banking credentials; this makes onboarding a faster and safer experience.

How does Okra work?

Once you implement Okra, your users will be able to connect their bank accounts to your app in just seconds. After which, you can retrieve financial information about that user.

To create this connection, your users need to share their online credentials with Okra. We encrypt these credentials as we receive them and only use them to access the account in read-only mode.

Once the link is created between your app and your user's institution account, you can pull financial data. This includes the accounts in their name, the real-time balance, transaction information, etc.

Is there a volume discount?

Please contact sales@okra.ng more information on our volume plan.

Can I do a free trial for testing?

Yes! Every business is given 100 free production calls in addition to unlimited sandbox calls to test Okra’s various products, success rates and data.

Get 100 free API calls when you sign up