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Our concise, well-documented APIs enable developers to build the seemingly impossible, from a simple personal project to a robust product that will onboard customers in seconds and securely access account information.
  • Verify the identity of customers
  • Retrieve real-time transaction data
  • Verify customers Income data
  • Make seamless payment

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Engineering blog posts

Confidence, Speed & Accuracy: Income 2.0

Confidence, Speed & Accuracy: Income 2.0

Anthony Kiplimo
Oct 26, 20222 min read
Data Synchronization with Okra

Data Synchronization with Okra

Blessing Krofegha
Sep 22, 20222 min read
Introducing Okra's Python SDK

Introducing Okra's Python SDK

Blessing Krofegha, Kosisochukwu Nzeako
May 05, 20222 min read

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