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Our principles


Move fast and iterate quickly.

Employees at Okra do not focus on perfection. Instead, we focus on making valuable pragmatic improvements to every line of code in our product, to our company, and our craft. We act with urgency and value rigour in making decisions. Even when we get things wrong, we learn quickly and move forward. We celebrate milestones but we do not rest on our laurels.


Think and act with impact

At Okra, we cannot tell you what your career path will be or how quickly you can grow because we move quickly, change often, and do not strive to be prescriptive with most things — it’s unrealistic. When you join Okra, you’ll quickly find a lot of large problems to be solved, products to be built, decisions to be made and people willing to help you out.


Closed mouths don’t get fed

We are committed to continuous learning and not afraid. Our employees share their knowledge and ideas openly and fluidly. We are committed to continuous learning and are not afraid to be vulnerable because we know there is so much in the world to uncover.


But, don't kill the cat!

The problem we are solving is very challenging, so we only care about providing real responsibility and working with exceptionally driven people. We know there are people who do not like to be micromanaged, and that there are people who are rigorous, responsible, and resourceful — these are the people we’re after. We empower you with all the context you need and the tools to get things done and trust that you’ll take it from there, leaving no stone unturned in the process.


Move fast and iterate quickly.

Our customers depend on us to build great products and services that are available to millions of their customers every minute, every hour, every day. This means we have to be dependable and disciplined so we are there for them when they need us the most. It also means that we often work late nights and on some weekends. Our employees are accustomed to a certain degree of flexibility around how and where they work. The foundation for all this can only be through clear and frequent communication.


Don’t just hear, listen!

For us to build an infrastructure that enables financial innovation in different industries, we need to walk in different shoes, everyday. We value humility above all else and have no room for “brilliant jerks”. We also say no to “yes men” or “yes women” who are afraid to stand firmly in their shoes. We challenge ourselves on our assumptions and biases and are open to change. We value the quality of collective thought and strive to build a diverse and inclusive culture where you feel you belong.

Benefits and perks

At, Okra we work smart and play hard. We provide a flexible and conducive work environment for individual to deliver their best and reach their maximum potential.

Personal development

We invest in our employees so they can achieve their short to long term goals with us.

Health and wellness

We offer comprehensive life cover, and medical insurance to all team members.

Vacation and time off

All team members have 25 days of vacation leave, and are warmly encouraged to use them.

Exceptionally smart and driven colleagues

Okra is committed to finding the best and brightest minds who are passionate about what they do.

Working gadgets

We provide team members with the tools they need to focus on the task at hand.

Housing facility

We offer subsidised housing assistance to team members.